Community Advised Funds are collaborations between community-minded citizens and TCF. TCF is the fiscal sponsor, and provides administrative, financial, and technical expertise. Meanwhile, the community members lead fundraising and programming efforts.

If you would like to create a Community Advised Fund, please contact us at

Logo with text reading "City of Chester Giving Circle" superimposed over a city skyline with additional text below reading "a program of the community foundation."

City of Chester Giving Circle

Provides grants to non-profits that serve the City of Chester.

Logo reading "cooks who care" with handles coming off the letter O's meant to simulate pot handles; below, small text reads "a program of the community foundation."

Supports the mental health of workers in the food and beverage industry.

Illustration of yellow gears encircled by text reading "Dr. Raymond J. Carr III Memorial Fund" with smaller text beneath that reading "a program of the community's foundation."

Dr. Raymond J. Carr III Fund

Provides grants and scholarships in memory of Dr. Raymond J. Carr III.

Text reading "Eddystone Youth Fund" above smaller text reading "a program of the community foundation", all below a childlike drawing of some buildings and a smiling child next to a lighthouse.

Eddystone Youth Fund

Provides recreational, community, and educational opportunities for the Youth of Eddystone.

3D model showing a playground with various pieces of equipment and children playing on them

Supports the construction and capital upkeep costs associated with the inclusive playground at Edgewood Elementary School.

A swimmer wearing a swim cap and goggles swims in a lap pool

Elite Meet Fund

Supports the fight against cancer.

Logo reading "BHCU Kids Foundation, Hope for Children Fund" with cartoon silhouettes of children raising their hands in joy above additional text reading "in collaboration with the community's foundation."

Provides support to individuals experiencing cancer and infertility.

White gazebo surrounded by neatly manicured pink flowers, green grass, and lush green trees in the background.

Enhances and improves the quality of life for abused, neglected, and at-risk children.

Commemorates the service of Interboro’s Hometown Heroes.

Awards scholarships in memory of Tommie Lee Jones & Isiah A. Jones, Sr.

An animated person sits, toes pointed inward, reading a comically large book that hides their face. Beneath them, text reads "Kara Barnard fund for youth literacy" with additional text below reading, "a program of the community's foundation."

Kara Barnard Fund for Youth Literacy

Inspires a love of reading amongst children.

a young child with a forlorn expression clings to his mother who has her arm around him.

Margaret Lindgren and Kathleen Pastor Fund

Supports single mothers who suffer financial hardship due to the loss of a loved one or illness within the family.

Text reading, "Play for the A's" is formed into the shape of a lightbulb. Below, additional text reads, "in support of the fight against alzheimer's" with smaller text below reading, "a program of the community's foundation."

Play for the A’s

Supports families affected by Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia.

a minimalist drawing of a red flower with heart-like petals beside text reading "project W" with smaller text below that says, "a program of the community's foundation."

Enhances and improves the quality of life for women in Delaware County, through collective giving, by women.

Ridley Hi-Q Fund

Supports the Hi-Q Program at Ridley High School.

Supports swimming and diving programs at Ridley High School.

a drawing of a baseball field with a letter S drawn in the infield next to text reading, "swarthmorewood AA field improvement fund" with smaller text below reading, "a program of the community's foundation."

Swarthmorewood AA Field Improvement Fund

Supports capital improvements at Swarthmorewood AA’s fields.

an emblem of a star with a circle circumscribed and lacrosse sticks crossed with overlaid text reading, "TGJ shine on scholarship fund" and small logos of a treble clef, an apple, and baseball beneath it.

Creates opportunities for young women to see their full potential by providing funding for scholarships and resources, advocating for female athletes across all sports, and inspiring female athletes to become future leaders.