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Taylor Hospice One of the aspects of TCF of which we are most proud is our hospice program. An important part of helping any community is assisting those who need health care services. In addition to providing sensitive and responsive care to each individual and his/her family, Taylor Hospice provides an array of valuable services to the community.

Dedicated to education, Taylor Hospice offers seminars that cover topics related to hospice care, stress management, art and music therapy, food, caregiver health, and the grieving process. Specializing in grief and loss, our hospice staff provides bereavement support to individuals in our community through counseling, support groups, and crisis intervention in our local schools.

Our hospice patients and their families experience first-hand the deeply meaningful outcomes of connecting with our warm and caring volunteers. The hospice program also provides volunteer opportunities that accommodate interests, skills, and schedules.

Taylor Hospice Residence

Our Taylor Hospice Residence provides a "home away from home" for patients requiring compassionate end-of-life care. In-patient care is designed for those who need symptom management and offers a more comforting alternative to the environment of a hospital. Our staff team members provide extraordinary care to improve the quality of life for the patient and their family.

"Ask for the House"

For more information on Taylor Hospice and services we provide, please call 610-521-5822 or email us at .