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The mission of the Taylor Community Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, is to promote health and wellness within the 17 communities comprising the TCF Service Area.

TCF is an independent organization that is connected to eastern Delaware County by a long-standing commitment to support programs and organizations that advance health, wellness, education, and community spirit.

TCF changes the lives of students through our generous and competitive scholarship program, identifying prestigious TCF Scholarship candidates seeking to earn undergraduate academic credentials in a variety of allied health fields.

TCF also enhances the quality of life for community members through our active grant-making activities. Grants are aimed at social service organizations that serve the needs of our community with a variety of health and wellness-oriented endeavors.

The Taylor Community Foundation serves as a vital hub for a variety of community events and activities through our direct programming efforts. TCF's largest day-to-day programs are conveyed by the professional and caring multidisciplinary team from Taylor Hospice. Our hospice operations are a community jewel, focusing on patient and family life by providing palliative care and an assortment of support services.