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  TCF Is Proud to Introduce Our Newest Community Advised Fund: Project W

A group of civic-minded women from throughout Delaware County recently gathered at the Ridley Township Public Library to officially kick off a new giving circle called "Project W".

Project W follows the giving circle pattern in which groups of individuals donate to a pooled fund, collectively explore the community's needs, and decide together how to distribute the funds for maximum impact.

"Women are very passionate about serving and supporting worthy causes, especially those that involve the needs of underprivileged or disadvantaged women," said Project W vice-chairperson, Soly McLaughlin. Founding member, Romie Griesmer added, "Alone, our donations may seem insignificant, but when we pool many donations, the grants become large enough for a non-profit to launch new projects, purchase needed equipment, or sustain a vital effort."

Project W jumped out of the starting gate with an initial goal to recruit fifty like-minded women by June 2019, but, as word has spread, women are responding so quickly that this goal may be surpassed before the end of March. "It seems Project W is fulfilling an unmet need. Talented women of energy and passion are eager to collaborate," chairperson Kim D'Ambrosio explained.

Women can learn more about Project W at or by emailing .

  Grantee Spotlight: Senior Community Services

The TCF team recently completed a site visit to the Schoolhouse Center in Folsom, which is operated by our friends at Senior Community Services (SCS).

Senior Community Services received a grant from TCF in March 2018, to support the Senior Home Delivered Food Program (Senior Suppers). This grant will benefit seniors living in the historic TCF Service Area.

Thank you, SCS, for your hospitality. We love seeing our grantees "in action".

  TCF Scholar Alumna Joins TCF Staff as Deputy Director

Recently, Heather Finnegan joined the TCF staff as Deputy Director.

Although she joined the staff in 2018, Heather has been affiliated with TCF since 2002, first as a TCF Scholar, later as a committee member, and until recently as Secretary of the TCF Board of Directors

Heather holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Anthropology from Juniata College and a Master of Science degree in Anthropological Sciences from SUNY Stony Brook. She spent the early years of her career in the higher education and healthcare sectors and brings to TCF a valuable skill-set in strategic planning, marketing, budget management, and employee/stakeholder engagement.

  TCF Is "Paying It Forward" with a Little "Sunshine"

TCF's Pay-It-Forward/Sunshine Fund is designated to assist local community members who encounter a sudden event that leaves them with an unexpected and uncovered health-related financial burden. Recently, the fund distributed four awards to area residents. These individuals include:

  • A young woman from Glen Mills who suffered a spinal cord injury as a result of an auto accident. This award will fund home/vehicle modifications, as well as specialized equipment and ongoing rehabilitative therapy.
  • A young man from Media who suffered a spinal injury after diving into a swimming hole. This award will fund physical therapy and equipment that will allow him to continually improve his mobility and health.
  • A young man from Media who suffered a traumatic brain injury after falling from a ladder. This award will fund therapy and assistive technologies that will allow him to communicate and — we hope — walk again.
  • A girl from Norwood who suffered serious injuries after she was hit by a car while riding her bicycle. This award will fund parking costs for her loved ones to visit her each day in the hospital, medications, and other health-related costs that will ease her recovery.
  Grantee Spotlight: Family Support Line

Family Support Line reached out to thank TCF for providing a grant award via the Hope for Children Fund: "The Community's Foundation helped us continue to provide children in the TCF service area with the tools they need to avoid sexual abuse when they can, and to report abuse or attempted abuse if it occurs."

This program reached 3,183 students in the TCF service area, including students at Glenolden School, Norwood School, Tinicum School, Grace Park Elementary, Delcroft Elementary, Sabold Elementary, Scenic Hills Elementary, Springfield Literacy Center, and Wallingford Elementary.

  TCF Scholar Alumnus, Dr. Michael Dejos, Honored by Delaware Business Times

Each year, the Delaware Business Times honors forty of the state’s young achievers and innovators. This year, our own TCF Scholar alumnus and TCF committee member, Dr. Michael Dejos, was honored.

His nominator had this to say about Dr. Dejos:

"As an active contributor to the efforts of the Delaware Pharmacists Society, the Delaware Society of Health-System Pharmacists, and Safe Kids Delaware, Mike is a leader within the health-care, pharmacy, and patient safety fields. His leadership style is that of leading from the middle, preferring open and honest discussions, putting reality on the table, and actively working through it. He has been given the Distinguished Young Pharmacist Award, presented by Pharmacists Mutual Companies and the Delaware Pharmacists Society and — on a national level — Mike has been elected as a voting member of the American Society of Health System Pharmacist’s House of Delegates, representing Delaware health-system pharmacists on national issues such as drug supply chain integrity, medical marijuana, and pharmacy technician advancement."
  Grantee Spotlight: Domestic Abuse Project

The Domestic Abuse Project of Delaware County reached out to thank TCF for providing a grant award via the Hope for Children Fund.

This grant funded a Certificate in Trauma Informed Care from Bryn Mawr College for three DAP staff counselors. The topics of the course were:

  • Understanding the Basics of Trauma
  • Effects of Trauma on the Brain
  • Vicarious Traumatization among Trauma Workers
  • Effects of Trauma in Early Childhood Development
  • Skills and Application of Trauma Informed Intervention